#14590 | 2019-09-02 Fredericia or Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Senior Python developer - Numerical Competence

The consultant will join a team that develop, and deliver specialized software tools and numerical modelling solutions for internal customers across the organization.

The project involves making a dashboard like graphical user interface as a desktop application with possible web functionallities later on.

The live data from the tests will be coming in over a tcp connection and you will then need to filter and analyse the data as it is coming in and then use that data to display a set of graphs and numerical values in the gui.

Additionally, manual logging functionalities are needed and it is needed to generate a log timeline in a graphical format for easy overview.

The challenges of the project is expected to be the handling of the relative large data sets generated during the tests and the displaying of the data in graphs in realtime and still being responsive to for example zooming and other manipulations.


  • you are versatile and can figure out how to make whatever tools and systems are thrown at you work together in new ways.
  • DevOps and associated tool ecosystem (we use Azure DevOps as well as JetBrains' suite)
  • Best practices in programming and software development

Python, for desktop:
  • knowledge of some ui framework, e.g. qt.
  • able to setup tcp connections and handle disconnects and reconnects reliably
  • displaying data in graphical format in realtime
  • handle large sets of data

Python, for web apps:
  • knowledge about setting up services that can communicate with client web apps

Start: Soonest possible
Duration: 3 months + extension
Work location: Fredericia or Greater Copenhagen
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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