#10505 | 2018-01-29 Copenhagen, Denmark

IT-Architect, Data Warehouse specialist

The overall objective is to produce a standardized and simplified architecture with a roadmap that meets the objective to deliver future requirements with a lower systems run cost through rationalization of systems and optimized vendor relationships.

The consultant will:

  • Gather/find descriptions of existing systems and lists of other tools
  • Create an As-is-state - An overview of the current application architecture for systems, illustrating the current landscape within the different app layers
  • Create a To-be-state - An overview of the proposed application architecture for systems, illustrating the future landscape within the different app layers.
  • Provide a motivation for the proposed to-be target architecture
  • Provide highlights of potential gaps from the clients architecture to their capabilities along with the functional and technical health of the applications

Furthermore, the consultant together with other staff will actively support the development of and facilitation with stakeholders on (but not limited to):

  • Inventory of initiatives (projects) required to create or enhance capabilities/address pain points
  • Prioritization principles that have been applied when deciding on when in time initiatives should be executed
  • Implementation plan (initiatives laid out on a time schedule)
  • Projection of investment required, and benefits achieved, over time

Apart from handling the overall objective of creating a target architecture and roadmap, the consultant may also be required to analyze live architectural issues coming from ongoing projects, in the finance domain, where decisions are required.


Strong architecture skills
Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse
Documented experience with creating complicated IT roadmaps in relevant industry (finance)

Travel between Stockholm and Copenhagen will be required (Estimated one day per week in Stockholm).

Start: February
Duration: 2 months + extension
Work location: Copenhagen
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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