#7650 | 2016-12-22 Brande, Denmark

System Administrator with SQL, Servers and AD (Powershell)

Our client need a System administrator with experience of SQL, servers and AD (powershell).

On the clients NAS Transparency project, the client must provide an easy & useful report with NAS shares information on usage, service class and ownership.
For this, different data must be gathered (physical folder path, DFS link, owner) from different sources (NAS report, AD, excel docs), include it into a database and then extract it into excel.
The gathering of data involves SQL scripts and powershell scripts.

We need an advanced SQL specialist with experience in SQL, powershell and data manipulation, to include all information into a database, and create the dump of data into excel.

  • Windows (Expert)
  • SQL (Expert)
  • Shell Script (Advanced)
  • MS SQL-Server (Expert)
  • Active Directory (Basic)

General S3 Consultant in framework:
  • At least 3 years of experience in implementation
projects and IT operating teams - one man year of
working at thematically comparable IT companies
  • Bringing in of special know-how to at least one
technology/special field (network engineering, system engineering, operations, security, logs, network architecture)
  • Experience in Troubleshooting, Performance Management
  • Relevant certifications
  • IT knowledge range: advanced
  • Second Level Support

Start: 9/1 2017
Varighed: 12 work days before 30/2 2017
Arbejdssted: Brande, Denmark
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.
Type: Freelance

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