#7307 | 2016-11-01 København, Denmark

Solution architect, transformation project

A 3 year transformation plan has been developed incl. specific and concrete projects to launch.

A PreStudy phase is approved, with the purpose to concretize the vision into high-level descriptions

PreStudy Objectives:

  • Create a common understanding of how to progress the Digitalization Programme
  • Evaluate initiatives/customer journeys with business strategy as well as roadmap -> identify gaps
  • Create high level time frame for implementation & detailed timeline for analysis
  • Create a view of demand for resources & funding for the analysis
  • Prepare material for Gate 1 and where possible a Gate 2

PreStudy IN Scope:
  • Clarification of requirements (Highlevel)
  • Classification of need to have and nice to have as well as impact vs. effort
  • Alignment to IT Strategy with illustration of gaps
  • Examine and evaluate the complexity of the first draft solutions including where it would be possible to start up “Fast track”

PreStudy OUT of Scope:
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Clarification of diversity within business strategies and visions

Expected deliverables:
  • Suggested target platform for tactical and strategic purposes (based on the capabilities roadmap identified in the roadmap work)
  • Detailed capability mapping of the same (what systems provide what capabilities)

Required skills:

(in addition to any general Consultant and Solution Architect skills/experience):

  • General knowledge about modern Internet facing Web platforms
  • Good understanding (previous experience) of the capabilities of:
 Digitalization
 Omni-channel and/or Unified Commerce
 Personalization
 Customer analytics
 Next Best Action
  • Previous experience from Digitalization of Enterprise Business Capabilities for End Customers
  • Experience from implementation of CMS systems is positive (but still independent of Platforms)
  • Ability to dig into existing platform and RSA’s Capability Model, current capabilities and perform evaluation of technical gap analysis

Start: Soonest possible
Varighed: 1 month + extension
Arbejdssted: København
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.
Type: Freelance

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