#7134 | 2016-10-05 Brande, Denmark

Linux and Infiniband Consultant - Part-time

The work consists of Linux migrations and deployments, around 300 servers and appliances, also Infiniband operations and calculation clusters.

Required Competences:
  • Linux Consultant with knowledge of Infiniband switches, HP C7000 enclosures and Linux clusters.
  • Must have knowledge of three Linux distributions and Linux clusters, Red Hat, SUSE and one more, Linux cluster.
  • At least 5 man years of experience at implementation projects and in IT operating teams.
  • 3 man year of working at topically comparable IT companies.
  • Bringing in of special know-how to at least two
technologies/special field (network engineering, system engineering, operations, security, logs, network architecture).
  • Broad, overall IT infrastructure know-how.
  • Experience in sub-project.
management/operational management.
  • Experience in managing Help Desk Personnel.
  • Experience of working in big organizations.
  • Experience in advising/counseling key account
customers/VIP customers.
  • Third Level Support

German speaking consultants is a plus. It is not a requirement to be a Danish consultant.

It’s 10 days with our client expectation of a prolongation, possible also later full time consultancy. This is only potential.

The person is needed in vacation and as extra support on average 3 days every second week. He/she needs to train another employee.

Varighed: 16. december 2016
Arbejdssted: Brande, Denmark
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.
Type: Freelance

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