#7083 | 2016-09-28 København, Denmark

Senior IT Analyst - Dataownership within the Front Office Space

On behalf of our financial client we are looking for a Senior IT Analyst - Dataownership within the Front Office Space.

  • You have value chain knowledge within Financial Markets.
  • You understand the key data on a transaction and the are able during interviews and meetings to identify the data needed from the Front Office System to the downstream systems.
  • You can identify downstreams need, compare to the data available in Front Office systems, can it be delivered in batch or real time?, what is required End of Day?, which non-functional requirements should be met?, how do we handle amendments and cancellations?

To be able to analyse and describe the above, you have deep knowledge about the data on financial instruments and a deep knowledge about a transactions lifecycle.

You are able to discuss complex data problems on all levels in the organisation, willing to challenge both Business and IT, have excellent communication skills verbally and in writing and able to navigate in a complex organisation.

You should have a high drive, willing to kick in doors if they are difficult to open and facilitate meetings where both Business and IT languages will be spoken.

Start: Mid October 2016
Varighed: 5,5 months
Arbejdssted: København, Denmark
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.
Type: Freelance

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