#5619 | 2016-02-22 Nordic contries, Denmark

IT Analyst senior

For Financiel client in the Nordic
NOTE: Location: Finland, Sweden, or Denmark

A person to work in a business analyst role in design and development of common solution for customer and counterparty hiearchies and groupings, as part of multi-year MDM development program.

The consultant, together with an assigned Nordea business developer, has the main responsiblity of analysing our current processes and implementations for customer and counterparty hierarchies and groupings, identifying and defining requirements for a new common solution, and producing a proposal and plan for development of the common solution.

At first phase, the person needs to plan and drive or participate at least in following activites:
  • As-is analysis of existing processes and solutions for hierarchies and groupings
  • Identifying different type of hierarchies
and groupings needed
  • High-level requirements for selected
types of hierarchies and groupings
  • High-level requirements for common solution & solution design
  • Planning development
and implementation (plan and roadmap)

Ideal candidate has earlier experience of customer and counterparty data, master data management, process analysis, and especially of different kind of customer hierarchies and groupings (e.g. complex company structures with different kind of relationship types).

Previous experience from business analyst type of roles and business requirements work is expected.

Previous experience from financial services industry is an advantage (but not mandatory requirement).

Fluent in English. Knowledge of one or several Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) is an advantage.

Contact :Carina S. Larsen: csl@prodata.dk,
Tel:+45 53737841

Start: March 2016
Varighed: 9 months
Arbejdssted: Nordic contries
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.

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