#5112 | 2015-10-16 Southern Sweden

OSx Test Engineer

We are looking for an OSx test engineer.

The task is executing manual tests of OS X app and file error reports for found bugs.

Initially all/most testing will be done manually. Later on, it would be great if the same persons could also assist in automating some of the tests. We are not looking for a test leader or a tester who is expecting to mainly write and/or execute written test cases and write nice reports — we are rather looking for someone who takes initiative, is operative, communicative, tool savvy, has attention to details, with an eye for UX/UI and writes good, well-structured bug reports.

We are looking for a person with the right mindset and motivation above all else. This person will have to, mostly by himself, learn every detail of the how the application works and take on the role of the end-user. He cannot expect to receive any test plans or written test cases, but rather developers who describe the new features that result in exploratory testing and where to find as many bugs as possible. The developers are extremely busy and expects structured bug reports with all the necessary information to hunt down the bug.

The tester need to be tool savvy and must be able to pull out a branch from Git, build the app, read the pull request, talk to the developer and figure out tests to run depending on context.

Additional Requirements:

  • Significant experience and knowledge from exploratory testing is an absolute requirement
  • Ability to help developers test newly developed features or bug fixes before code is merged. This requires very close cooperation with the developer
  • Working knowledge from Git is a requirement
  • Basic familiarity with Xcode and building apps from source code is a plus, but is relatively easy to learn
  • Very good understanding of writing structured bug reports is expected
  • Self motivation and ability to take own initiatives is required. This includes exploratory testing, finding ways forward and decide where to drill down. Ability to work with limited and general instructions and make assumptions when needed is required.
  • In the long run this person might assist in writing automatic UI tests (using Python)

Start: November/December
Duration: 6 months + extension
Work location: Southern Sweden
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.

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