#4990 | 2015-10-19 Norway

PL/SQL developer

We are looking for a PL/SQL developer for one of our clients: The consultant should Design, develop, implement, and maintain oracle database.
Engage in outside-the-box thinking to find solutions to our daily challenges.
Be actively involved in projects and motivated with innovative ideas.

Familiarity with modern development methodologies & technologies, and an eagerness to learn about new things.
Minimum of 3 years of PLSQL development.

Must have experience with the following:
3+ years of Oracle,
3+ years of PL/SQL programming,
basics of oracle performance tuning,
· Ability to translate business rules into PL/SQL objects, extract business rules from analysis of existing PL/SQL
· Experience developing and tuning complex PLSQL packages, including those that run as automated scheduled jobs
· Experience creating, refactoring, and debugging PLSQL objects for optimal performance
· Experience creating and maintaining PL/SQL objects that are consumed by web services and/or asynchronous stateless clients
· Experience from the Telecom industry is postive

Experience that is considered to be relevant, although not required include:
· Javascript
· Bootstrap
· Smarty
· Automation & shell scripting
· Familiarity with TDD & Continuous Integration
· Experience with Linux and shell scripting. Should speak norwegian, danish or swedish.

Krav: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.

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