#4751 | 2015-06-22 Midtjylland, Denmark

Hadoop Consultant - design, architecture, development

We are looking for a hadoop consultant to help out with this task:


Test and document connectivity between MSSQL databases and a Hadoop system. The databases are today running on SQL 2012, and will be updated to SQL2014 in the fall 2015.

Today data is stored solely in SQL, but in the future we are investigating the opportunity to store unstructured data ( video, pictures and other digital content.

Queries are to propagate from the SQL platform towards the Hadoop, and the query must result in an answer with a mix of the data from the two platforms. The performance must be close to what is experienced today.

Performance must be linear to the growth.

Some data, based on a date criteria, can also be stored on Hadoop, and must also be able to be retrieved in one script and job.

Requirements, expert level:

  • Linux(Suse)
  • MSSql 2012
  • 64bit Hadoop
  • Windows 2012
  • MS SQL 2014
  • network connectivity, tuning, troubleshooting and data-analysis and design(expert) . It is required the candidate will be min. 80% onsite location = Min 4 days a week onsite location.

Start: 17. august 2015
Varighed: 2. oktober 2015
Arbejdssted: Midtjylland
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.

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