#4484 | 2015-03-23 Stockholm, Sweden

Risk assessment / prestudy of print soloution

Risk assessment / prestudy of the a print platform and in particular feasibility of the Adobe document generator component upgrade and
its impact on the print platform. The platform basically generate output in PDF format for print and email distribution. There is "tight"
integration with two systems. The platform is an in-house developed system based on Adobe´s Central Output Server. The documents
are generated from a .dat file and .idx file.

General scope:

Conduct a risk assessment and a health check of the platform. To determine the current status of the system and it´s functionalities.
And whether an upgrade of the Adobe component is necessary now or we could live with it for another 2-3 years. The assessment need
also outline the impact of a upgrade of the Adobe component on the platform as a system.
Create an architectural overview of the suggested solution, possible changes to the interfaces, need of HW/SW and possible test
A preliminary Time and project plan
License costs
The result of the assessment need to be presented with recommendations and key findings and an estimated cost and timeplan
Recommendations need to include:
a) Wether an upgrade of the Adobe part is needed or not. If yes, suggest a plan for how to do it. If no, what are the risks of doing
b- Wether the client should replace the platform system as a whole, and in that case what is rational behind this recommendation.
Trygg Hansa need also to know what assumptions have been made as basis for the recommendations, key findings and cost estimate.

Client is expacting that the Assessment can be started as soon as possible and the it should not take more than 2-5 working days to

Knowledge about Adobe product is plus but the
knowledge about print/output and document
generation is even more important.

Start: ASAP
Varighed: 2-3 days
Arbejdssted: Stockholm
Krav: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.

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