#4161 | 2014-11-14 Stockholm, Sweden

Senior ENOVIA PLM (eMatrix) developer

Job description
We are looking for a senior ENOVIA PLM (eMatrix) developer (who preferably also have strong general Java skills), for the HAT system
within the Buying and Production Office business area.

HAT is a new system within quality assurance and will be tight connected to the product development process. An important part of the
quality assurance process is to perform tests of samples before and during production. The intention is to catch any deviations from
specifications and legal as well as the clients internal quality requirements..

The current IT tool will be replaced to meet business requirements in the future and need to be improved.

The HAT application is based upon Dassault s ENOVIA PLM platform (eMatrix) and Wicket framework. Some parts of the Wicket
framework will be replaced by TVCs (Technia Value Components). The ENOVIA PLM application is customized as per the clients business
requirements. Integration application is based upon SPRING framework and integrates with applications. It is a complex system
distributed to several Production offices around the world.

Work tasks
" Work tasks as a developer in the HAT team;
" Analyzing new requirements, change requests and use cases
" Designing and developing new solutions on the ENOVIA platform, Wicket and TVC.
" Developing new/existing integrations using SPRING framework (Java Messaging Service)
" Documentation and code reviews
" Work closely with the rest of the development team and also project manager, system
" architect, tester and requirement handler.
" You will work with both back-end and front-end development
" Estimate the development tasks in each sprint and release.

Specific competence

" The experience requested is specified in the
table below. Each competence area is graded in
importance from 1-10, where 1 is the most
important competence required.

" Required experience and knowledge:

Competence: Weight:
Experience in any ONE of the ENOVIA (MatrixOne)
PLM centrals Apparel Accelerator / Engineering
Central / Product Central / Program Central / etc)
and customization of the centrals 1,0
Strong knowledge of eMatrix Fundamentals 1,0
Experience on JPO Programming 1,0
Experience on MQL (Matrix Query Language)
Querying 1,0
Experience on TCL Language 1,0
Experience on ADK (Application Development Kit)
  1. 1,0
Experience in Java / J2EE / JSP / Servlets / XML /
Struts 1,0
Proficiency in various tools used for Java
development - Eclipse, JUnit, SVN 1,0
Experience on configuring / customizing Technia
Value Components (TVCs) 1,0
Knowledge of web development, presentation
layer: JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS 2,0
JMS integration 2,0
Knowledge on ANT 2,0

Maven Build Tool 2,0
Knowledge of databases - Oracle / JDBC 3,0
Experience on Spring Framework and Wicket
Framework 3,0
Experience with Python/Jython (Selenium Tool) 5,0

Tools competence
" Development: eMatrix, Java EE, JavaScript,
JQuery, HTML 5, JSS, Servlets, JMS, MQL, TCL,
XML, Wicket
" Tool/software: Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, JUnit,

Start: Medio December
Varighed: 5.5 months
Arbejdssted: Stockholm
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.

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