#3249 | 2013-11-21 Copenhagen area, Denmark

Lead .net developer, Energy Sector

Software is developed primarily in Visual Studio , Microsoft. NET C #, using the method Test Driven Development (TDD).

Further technologies/tools used in the project:
MSSQL , NServiceBus , MSMQ , Silverlight, CPLEX, MongoDB , HTML5, SAP PI.

Tasks will include:

  • general integration strategy
  • ensuring a flexible and scalable software architecture of the system
  • development of business functionality
  • automated regression testing
  • build and deployment processes
  • performance optimization
Furthermore the consultant must be able to and willing to easy adapt new technologies or software.

Other technology skills required:

  • At least 5 years of deep experience in C# development.
  • Strong architectural skills.
  • Experience with cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure.
  • Experience with security models.
  • Experience with integration of SCADA/operational technology and enterprise systems.
  • Experience with protocols like OPC-UA, 104 and the like.
  • Ability to select right technology to use for right task.

Business skills:

  • Business domain knowledge on the cross business unit value chain in multi-utilities.
  • Deep and documented experience with Smart Energy in general and the concept virtual power plant especially.
  • Good understanding of the EU and DK government regulation of energy markets.
  • Documented experience in development and maintenance of a Virtual Power Plant.

Personal skills:

  • Excellent in communication with the line of business and IT at all organizational levels.
  • Team player focused on knowledge sharing.
  • Strong intercultural skills and experience with dispersed teams cross countries and regions.

Language skills: Fluent in Danish and English

Start: 2. january 2014
Varighed: Rest of year, + extension 3 x 1 year
Arbejdssted: Copenhagen area
Krav: Min. fem års professionel IT-erhvervserfaring.

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