#3145 | 2013-10-07 Trondheim, Norway

Search Engine and Data Capture Expert

Explore the potential for improvement in customer data collection , automatic processing, recognition , analysis , searching and indexing.

The problem is mainly in collecting data from customers' computer systems. The customer's product has alot of statistical data about equipment and data that says when things have gone wrong / failed / broken .
The customer has various manual input data options, and also work with input data via spreadsheets, but think they can do things smarter and can analyze the data they get in better and that it may be useful to have mechanisms to put " labels "on different data .

There is a need for a consultant with experience in the following :

  • Knowledge of Crawlers : The purpose is to
extract relevant data from multiple
sources and interpret them in the client's context. A lot of informationcoming out of the other systems in the form of spreadsheets,PDFs, Word documents and other report -
formats , which probably could be inserted in the customer database .

  • Knowledge of analysis and automated
detection of different data, and find patterns to be used
to process data automatically instead of manually.

  • Familiarity with "business intelligengce " or
machine analysis.

  • Knowledge of indexing and flexible
search of data in order to search " across "

  • Knowledge of " labling " of data , and how " labling " of data makes some datasets more reliable than others, and
how it can be weighted in the statistics and analysis
of the data.

Customer foresses that the length of the contract will initially be for a handful of weeks, to establish a list of specific improvements in these areas .
Then there is the possibility of more projects if the client chooses to implement one or more proposed modifications.

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Start: October/ November
Duration: 4 weeks +
Work location: Trondheim
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.

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