#11782 | 2018-08-08 Tåstrup, Denmark

Junior Analyst - recently graduated

Are you a team player with strong capabilities and a real drive for excellence?

Our financial client is looking for operative data collectors for a larger project.

As an Operative data collector, you will be working within a team that is handling manual procedures at the bank. You will be working with cases where you need to search and find information /or numbers in different systems within the bank.

The job involves documentation, archiving and registration in some form. Some cases will be harder to analyze and to double check the information, in those cases you will have a specialist at the bank who can support.

In this role you will:
  • Have contact with internal stakeholders
  • Work against and deliver towards deadlines
  • Operate in a dynamic and fast-moving organization

The position suits you who recently graduated with a finance/accounting/business administration degree and want to get experience from a larger project within the banking industry. If you have IT knowledge/interest, it is viewed as an advantage.

The client is looking for recent graduates who have a bachelor’s degree or higher education, or have about two years of working experience after graduation. You are precise, have a keen eye for details and love to work with numbers. You are familiar with financial instruments, preferably debt collection, and is confident using English as your working language

It will be considered an additional qualification if you have experience within manual work in a large project within a bank before. It also a requirement that you can speak and write Danish, as many documents are only in Danish.

As a person, you are comfortable to work in a structured manner and according to instructions. Moreover, you are meticulous, self-motivated, responsible and have a genuine drive and ambition regarding your work.

Qualities that will make you successful in this role are:
  • Meticulous
  • Attention for detail
  • Drive for excellence
  • Understanding of the debt collection process for retail and/or corporate customers

Start: 3. September 2018
Varighed: 4-6 months
Arbejdssted: Tåstrup, Denmark
Krav: Msc. or similar
Job type: Midlertidig ansættelse

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Helle Ehlers
Senior Sourcing Specialist

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