#10437 | 2018-01-23 Gdańsk, Poland

Expert Frontend Developer


  • Industry: Finance / Banking
  • Location: Gdańsk
  • Business trips: Occasionally
  • Project Language: English, Polish
  • Remuneration: 100 – 125 PLN/h
  • Project length: 12 monthes + extension
  • Assignment type: B2B


  • You have experience with single-page applications – React experience is required, but we might also choose to use Angular 2, and obviously HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • You have experience with web-sockets and message-driven applications
  • You are opinionated about the choice of language – ECMAScript 6 with Babel, TypeScript, Scala.js.
  • If you have experience with back-end development, possibly Java based, it is a plus

Duration: 12 monthes + extension
Work location: Gdańsk, Poland
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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