#10228 | 2017-12-20 Central Region, Jutland - Denmark

SAP consultant with Nakisa Knowledge

We are looking for a consultant who would be able to implement a Nakisa solution for the client.

The ideal candidate for this job has the following skills:

Expertise & experience with Nakisa SLAN ideally with version 4.0. Thus the candidate would
be able to:
  • Participate the designing the lease process in Nakisa.
  • Creation of documentation of the lease process in Nakisa
  • Customizing and unit-test needed in Nakisa tool allowing the client to be complient with IFRS16.
The following topics should be covered:
  • Lease classification and lease terms (short term, low value, service etc.)
  • Event management (discount rate, extension options, variable lease payments etc.)
  • Tracking of contract adjustments
  • Setup of alerts and tasks
  • Simulation of new lease vs. buy decisions
  • Workflow approval for creating a new lease contract
  • Training of superusers in Nakisa

Expertise & experience within fixed asset accounting in SAP ideally with classic asset accounting:
  • Create new assets in SAP
  • Execute depreciation run

Expertise & experience within agile scrum:
  • Work according to the principes of agile methodology (MVP, spint, PI planning etc.)

Work location will be flexible but onsite workshops/meetings should be expected.

Start: ASAP
Duration: 3-6 month + option
Work location: Central Region, Jutland - Denmark
Requirements: Min. 5 years of professional IT experience.
Job type: Freelance

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